Use the Data Roundup: May 20th 2013

not to miss links for the week1. Love the line about running up to the line with privacy and how Google Now was scary last year but applause-worthy this year.

Google Sensors Are Data Mining I/O Attendees – And They Don’t Care

2. Think about how companies who collect your data get it for free. At least one person isn’t happy about that.

A Bit(e) of Me

3. An issue-conscious app can help you decide which companies you might prefer to buy from or boycott. Let your conscience (and lots of data) be your guide.

Soon, You’ll Know As Much About What You Buy As the Company That Made It

4. A change in size leads to a change of state. A change in quantity leads to a change in quality. More is not just more; more is different, and the way we live and the way we think are about to change. Watch an interesting presentation to get a thinker’s grasp on big data.

The Economist’s Data Editor: Big data may be too hyped, but here’s how it will change the world
The video is about 30 minutes long.

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