Not-to-miss links for 5/27/13

not-to-miss-linksMicrosoft Xbox gets the living room?

With Google Fiber currently installed (or installing) in select places and Google Glass in the works, can anyone doubt who will win in the long term? For just about any room you name? Well, hopefully not one. Besides, if you’re going to fork over your data, it’s easier to do so when there isn’t a face recognition system continually connected in your living room.

Creepy much?

The Xbox One hears all, sees all, and steals Google’s dreams

Cartography used to be biased; now it’s ‘honest’?

Maybe. Debate aside, Google wants to make sure when it processes massive amounts of data, it delivers one of big data’s most attractive promises–an instantaneous, intimate digital experience tailored just for you.

Why the new Google Maps is the most honest form of cartography

Overcoming our ideas of Privacy

The more we participate in the digital world, the more public our lives become. Unprecedented deceasing privacy is the cost. It’s not just an ethical matter, it also affects personal identity. Where do you draw the line in your life?

How technology redefines norms

Will your job be replaced by a robot?

Worry a little more whether big data and robotic technologies are going to leave people jobless and role-less. Once you are done worrying, remember that economies always cycle when new technologies create a new playing field and people architect their futures.

Driverless cars, pilotless planes … will there be jobs left for a human being?

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