How to Adopt a Data Driven Culture with Slava Sambu, OfficeMax {Video}

We took a few moments to sit together at the Monetate Agility Summit to chat about what it takes to get your organization to use the data to enhance the customer experience. This video interview is just 5 minutes long:

One of the things I admire most about the OfficeMax culture is their use of YouTube to test which video would be used on TV for their Penny Pranks campaign a few years back. This is an organization that understands how to use the data.

Tips on becoming a Data-Driven Organization

You might be grappling with how to justify a shift to data-driven strategies within your organization. The most likely reason you’re grappling is that your business culture is resistant—perhaps highly resistant—to change. You are in good company (as it were). Slava of Office Max offers some advice to facilitate your discussions with senior leadership and other heads of departments.

When describing the nature of a corporate culture that values and supports an effective digital strategy, Slava identifies three must-have attributes for any data-driven organization.

Find the language appropriate to the way your organization ‘speaks,’ and help leadership understand how a high level of cooperation within the company and a focus on data promotes business goals.

1. You want a culture of inclusion. Everyone needs to understand what things have to happen to accomplish the strategy. Everyone needs buy-in; this includes creative, marketing, analytics and senior leadership.

2. You want a culture of ownership. Everyone needs to own the results testing and optimization tactics generate. Everyone needs to understand them and how the organization is going to use them to accomplish the broader strategy.

3. You want a culture of responsibility. Across the board, strategies need clarifying, tactics need defining. Determining success means defining success. Data teams always need to outline what tests and optimization will accomplish within the larger business strategy, and then deliver on the promises. If developments necessitate change, teams need specific ways they can reevaluate and possibly adjust the strategy.

Slava has a lot more to say, too. Just watch the video.

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